About a billion rubles confiscated during searches at Alexander Khoroshavin’s residence

Unfortunately, some heads of regions in our country become famous only after criminal news. And immediately on the initiative of their supporters and lawyers they appear as harassed politicians. According to their logic billions of rubles in cash and bank accounts on the names of affiliated persons are planted by their political opponents. But in real life it is all very trivial and sad.

Namely, if we speak about Governor of Sakhalin Region Alexander Khoroshavin, as in all other cases it is all about a pure act of corruption – taking a bribe by an official on a very large scale. The sum is over 5.5 million US dollars and that is only one count, and according to the information we have, it won’t be the last.

However, the scale of his corruptness can be judged by the amount of cash confiscated from him during searches – about a billion rubles in different currencies. During those searches the investigators also confiscated over 800 pieces of expensive jewelry including a pen worth 36 million rubles. Precise evaluation of his assets, that is three flats in elite blocks of flats in Moscow, and a holiday house outside Moscow is ahead. But I can say that renovation and decoration of his holiday house alone cost him 130 million rubles.

But I’m afraid that all those sums, too overwhelming for a simple man, may be added to, as the inquest is in full swing now and we are to learn more about his activities over the time of his governance over Sakhalin Region.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                V.I. Markin