Russia’s Investigative Committee warns against interfering in investigations

A visit of members of Moscow Public Observing Commission to Zaur Dadayev arrested on suspicions of the murder of Boris Nemtsov has been organized with the sole purpose of checking the conditions he was kept in. The members of the Commission including Yeva Merkacheva and Andrey Babushkin, having nothing to do with the investigation, started showing interest in the records made on the case. By doing that that violated not only rules, but the law. Such actions can be considered as interfering with the activity of an investigator in order to hamper comprehensive and impartial investigation which constitutes to the part 2 of article 294 of the RF Penal Code. Adequate procedural classification will be given to those actions. Merkacheva and Babushkin will soon be summoned for questioning and other investigating activities to find out their motives for showing interest in the details of the case and publishing them in media.

If the accused claim that force or violence is used against them, investigators will check those claims carefully.