Sakhalin Region Governor and his accomplice charged

The Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee continues investigating a criminal case against Governor of Sakhalin Region Alexander Khoroshavin and Andrey Ikramov.

Khorozhavin has been charged with a crime under part 6 of article 290 of the RF Penal Code (bribery by an official on a very large scale), Ikramov with a crime under and part 4 of article 291.1 (mediation in bribery on a very large scale).

According to investigators, in 2011, then governor of Sakhalin Region through Andrey Ikramov demanded from the leadership of OOO Sakhalin Company Energostroy to give him a bribe of 6% of the sums the company would have got based on monthly completion certificates. During 2 years Khoroshavin via Ikramov received over 5.6 million US dollars for acting in the interests of Energostroy.

A number of searches have been conducted in cooperation with the Department of Internal Security of the Federal Security Service, during which large sums of money in rubles and foreign currencies, a lot of jewelry and expensive watches and cell phones were confiscated. The investigators are checking the origin of all this property and the real estate owned by the Khoroshavins. I would like to not that the official income of the governor’s family during the past 4 years has not exceeded 50 million rubles put together. However, the cost of the real estate and the valuables confiscated is several times as large as this sum. One of the versions of where all these treasures appeared from is mass kickbacks from companies and organizations.

I would like to make a special note that after Khoroshavin was detained, the investigators have been receiving a lot of reports on Khoroshavin’s illegal activity on the post of Sakhalin Governor, which are being checked at the moment.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                              V.I. Markin