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In Moscow Region two men to stand trial for kidnapping and killing girl in Reutov 13 years ago

Moscow Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have finished investigating a criminal case against two local residents. Depending on the role of each one in the crime they are charged with crimes under paragraph “c” of part 2 of article 105 of the RF penal Code (murder of a child) and paragraphs “a” and “e” of part 2 of article 126 (kidnapping).

According to investigators, in the evening of 19 April 2002, a 13-year-old girl was in the yard of a block of flats in the town of Reutov. There she had a conflict with two girls aged 15 and 16. The older girls beat the girl, tore off her clothes and burned them.

One of the accused, who witnessed the brawl, decided to kidnap the girl in order to scare her, influence her psychologically and physically and because he did not like her. To do that, he invited several more teenagers. They interfered with the conflict between the girls. The teenagers came up to the naked girl and dragged her in an Audi-90. Later to scare the girl even more, one of the teenagers forced the girl to move into the trunk. They drove to Novoderevenskoye cemetery and held the girl there about 6 hours. At some point one of the accused decided to kill the girl. He took a stone and hit the girl in the head with it at least 4 times. The girl died of head injuries. Having made sure that the girl was dead, the teenagers dragged the naked dead body into the woods and threw it down a ravine. They took off in the car.

It should be noted that the crime remained unsolved for a long time and the case over the missing girl remained archived. However, after such cases were requested and studied following the orders of the Investigative Committee Chairman, investigators of Balashikha investigations department of the Moscow Region Main Investigations Directorate launched an investigation into the murder of the 13-year-old girl that went missing in Reutov in April 2002. The investigators did a tremendous amount of work to find and identify witnesses and individuals responsible for the crime.

One of the suspects confessed to having kidnapped the girl and the case against him was severed to form a separate proceeding. At present he is serving time in prison. The investigation against two more accomplices has been finished. The investigators have enough evidence, so the case with the approved indictment has been sent to court to be tried on the merits. 

02 June 2015 09:00

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