In Krasnodar Territory investigation finished against Director and credit inspector of additional office of Pervomaysky Bank

Krasnodar Territory investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have finished investigating a criminal case against Director of additional office Gelendzhiksky of Pervomaysky Bank accused of stealing money by fraud from citizens committed on a very large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the RF Penal Code). In addition, former credit inspector of the organization is charged with solicitation (part 4 of article 33, part 4 of article 159), fraud on a very large scale he committed before against one of the bank clients (part 4 of article 159).

According to investigators, in the period between May 2007 and March 2013, the director with solicited by the credit inspector during personal conversations misled bank clients and concluded with them counterfeit deposit contracts with a higher interest rate, signed them and notarized with the bank stamp. Under the contracts the clients deposited money to the accounts which the accused accepted in person violating her job description. The director neither took the money to the cash office nor put any information in accounting reports and issued depositors counterfeit credit orders. Then the accused got a free hand with the money. In addition, the woman gave illegal orders to her subordinates to conduct transactions with clients’ money on their accounts without their knowledge. The investigators revealed that the teller and accountant of the organization conducted illegal bank operations with victims’ deposits following the orders of the director but did not get any fee for it. Complicity in the fraud involves distribution of the stolen among all accomplices. Despite the fact that the said persons violated provisions of the Central Bank following the orders of the accused, current laws do not provide for criminal liability for the negligence of the bank staff. Therefore prosecution of the said people was stopped.

It was also revealed that in December 2009, the accused credit inspector made documents on opening a bank account, issuance a bank card and an application for remote services on behalf of one of the clients and without their knowledge. Being able to conduct bank transactions on the account, the man during his service in Pervomaysky Bank and after having been dismissed, stole money by transferring it to another account using it for bank transfer of funds and withdrawal of money from ATMs. As a result he got hold of over 8 million rubles.

During the probe the investigators conducted over 1,600 investigative operations and ran over 340 forensic inquiries. The case has 238 volumes, 8 of which comprise the indictment. 184 people were recognized as victims. Pecuniary damage exceeded 387.7 million rubles. The investigator arrested the property and bank accounts of the accused and their families to compensate for the damage.

The investigators have enough evidence so the criminal case has been forwarded to the prosecutor for the indictment to be approved and then will be sent to court to be tried on the merits.