Alexander Bastrykin orders investigation in attempt on life of police officer and obstruction of journalistic activity

The Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has ordered the Head of the Moscow Main Investigations Directorate to open a criminal investigation in an attempt on the life of a police officer (article 317 of the RF Penal Code) and obstruction of professional activity of journalists (article 144) following an attack of security guards of a minor, guilty of a traffic accident in the center of Moscow, on journalists and police officers.

It is known from the media, that journalists of a TV channel arrived to a hospital to take an interview from a young man guilty of a traffic accident. However, some people dressed in civilian clothes not only didn’t let them in a ward, but destroyed the footage the journalists already had. The journalists called the police, but when the police officers demanded from those people to show their documents, they refused. One of the so-called security guards left the hospital, got into a car and ran over a police officer who was trying to detain him. The man dragged the police officer on the bonnet of the car several meters and then fled.

I don’t know the motives of so-called security guards and from whom they had had their order to guard the “diamond boy” so zealously (we will find it out), but the boy and his faithful servants apparently barked up the wrong tree or have no idea that they live in a constitutional state where everybody abides by the law. Those apology for guards will very soon be explained in simple words what articles 317 and 144 of the Russian Penal Code are and later they, I hope, will finally understand what is the end of such investigations. This is why, I am offering them to come to the Investigative Committee, while it’s not too late, and maybe this will get them some credit.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                               V.I. Markin