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Investigators urge against jumping to conclusions on motives of shooting at 4 people in Krasnogorsk District

The Range Rover, in which Georgadze and his driver left from the Krasnogorsk District administration has been found during investigative and search operations. A bag with a gun silencer, over 30 9mm cartridges, a magazine and cartridges to a Kalashnikov gun, a non-lethal pistol, handcuffs, some adhesive tape and other evidence were found inside the car.

After Georgadze had killed the 4th man, his driver Shota Alizbarashvili took off from the crime scene in the Range Rover and came to investigators. Taking his testimony into consideration, the investigators are now restoring the picture of the crimes. According to the current information the suspect is hiding using different cars.

The information published in the media about Amiran Georgadze’s motives for killing 4 people is disorienting and misleading. I would like to stress that whatever Georgadze’s motives were he is still the main suspect of the cynical, brutal, planned murder. This is why the task of the Investigative Committee and operatives is first of all to disarm, detain the murderer and prosecute him. That having been done, the investigators will deal more carefully with the motives and conditions that had contributed to committing of the audacious crime.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                V.I. Markin 

20 October 2015 11:32

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