Forensic tests of Amiran Georgadze’s body assigned

Investigators of the Moscow Region Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee are carrying out the check over the dead body of Amiran Georgadze found by one of locals in a house in the village of Timoshkino, Krasnogorsk District with a gunshot wound to his head.

In the evening of 23 October 2015, a man called the police and said that one of the windows in his summer cottage had been smashed. The police officers found Amiran Georgadze’s dead body with a gunshot wound lying on the sofa in the cottage.

During the examination of the scene the Investigative Committee investigators and criminalists revealed that nothing had been touched or moved in the house, all the doors were locked and there were no traces of break in. Only the window had been smashed. Georgadze was holding two Marakov pistols with cartridges in the pockets of his pants. The investigators also found on him two passports, a Russian one and a foreign, and some other documents. The criminalists took an empty case out from a pillow.

According to preliminary conclusion of an expert, Georgadze died late at night of 19 October, that means on the day of the massacre. The investigator assigned a number of forensic tests, including postmortem psychological, ballistic and medical ones. The tests will find if there was any kind of drug in Gorgadze’s blood.

The investigation is ongoing. The case will not be dropped because of Georgadze’s death, until the investigators find out how exactly and why the crimes were committed. Moreover, the current legislation does not allow us to drop the case even after the investigation is finished because of the death of the accused, if his relatives insist on the trial.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                V.I. Markin