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Investigators looking into motive of murders committed by Amiran Georgadze

The Moscow Region Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee continues investigation against Amiran Georgadze accused of killing four people.

So far about 50 witnesses have been interviewed, over 25 forensic tests have been assigned including a forensic medical one that established the mechanism of delivering a fatal wound to Georgadze, 5 searches, 15 seizures and 8 examinations of scenes have been conducted. No doubt, the facts that Georgadze spent a long time in the Krasnogorsk District administration, that he and his driver had freely entered the building, carrying guns past the security post and that the police were called in too late, all of those facts look suspicious.

One of the main area the investigators are working at now is to figure the motive for the murders, including to find out what kind of relationship Georgadze had with the officials of the Krasnogorsk administration and officials of law-enforcement bodies of Krasnogorsk District and Moscow Region. By all means, the investigators are going to check whether it had been legal for administration to give Georgadze land for construction and issue him a construction permit.

This way, the investigators have planned a whole set of investigative operations to find out what exactly happened and what motives the accused had.  

26 October 2015 16:50

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