Young man detained in Tomsk Region on suspicion of sexual abuse of minors

The Tomsk Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee continue investigation in sexual abuse of teenagers under 14 years of age (paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 132 of the RF Penal Code).

Investigators have revealed that in August 2015, a man sexually abused girls in blocks of flats in Oktyabrsky and Sovetsky districts of Tomsk.

The Tomsk investigations department opened three cases over crimes under paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 132 of the RF Penal Code. The cases were then joined to form a single law suit.

Photofits were made following the description of the man given by the victims and CCTV footage was confiscated from one of the buildings where the man committed the crime. The picture of the man was published in all regional media outlets. After that some people called the investigating bodies and told that the man on the video looked like one of their acquaintances. Thanks to their proper civic attitude the suspect was identified. It is a 17-year-old student of one of Tomsk universities, who was born and lives in Kemerovo Region.

The suspect has been detained and has made a statement. Large-scale operations were carried out during the investigation, curing which DNA samples were taken from over 500 people measuring up to the description. DNA samples were also taken from the crime scenes. The DNA tests have confirmed that the suspect was involved in the crimes. At present the investigators are carrying out a number of investigative operations to gather and consolidate the evidence. In addition, they are checking the detained man on having been involved in other similar crimes in Kemerovo Region. Soon a court is going to review the request of investigators on putting the man in custody pending trial. The investigation is ongoing. 



22 October 2015 12:10

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