Investigative Committee team continues investigation in Airbus A321 crash in Egypt

The investigating team of the Russia’s Investigative Committee continues working in Egypt to find out all circumstances and cases of the crash of Airbus A321 flight 9268 en route from Egypt to Saint Petersburg.

Following the request of the Investigative Committee Chairman the competent bodies of Egypt have extended the search area. Thanks to that, the investigators and criminalists with the help of specialists of the Russian Emergencies Ministry have already found documents, belongings and materials relevant for the investigation. They are going to be analyzed together with representatives of the competent bodies of Egypt.

In addition, at present the competent bodies of Egypt with participation of specialists of the Interstate Aviation Committee are analyzing the data from black boxes which then are going to be passed over to the Russian investigators.

Alexander Bastrykin noted efficient cooperation of the investigators, representatives of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, IAC and the support provided by Egyptian authorities including technical assistance.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                 V.I.Markin 

04 November 2015 14:59

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