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Deputy of legislative authority in Dagestan suspected of setting up criminal community

Dagestani investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have launched an investigation against Deputy of the People’s Assembly of Dagestan Eduard Khidirov and 6 local residents over crimes under part 1 of article 210 of the RF Penal Code (setting up a criminal community) and part 2 of article 210 (membership in a criminal community).

According to investigators, in 2010, Khidirov set up a structured organized group – a criminal community characterized by stability, unity, common resources and finances, hierarchy and strict distribution of functions between members. Khidirov had headed the criminal community for 5 years, until its activity was interrupted by law-enforcement. The main aim of the gang was to commit economic felonies, including those aimed at disruption of sustainable operation of banking system of the Russian Federation, withdrawing real assets in the form of considerable amount of money from financial and tax control of state federal authorities to the shadow economy, stealing money of depositors and compensations of State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency.

In different time, Khidirov involved in his gang 6 local residents and other unidentified people.

The gang had 4 stable groups with leaders, specializing in different crimes and supporting the functioning of the gang in certain directions.

For more secrecy Khidirov did not deal with rank-and-file perpetrators, but only with leaders of structural divisions and members whom he knew personally.

The gang provided services in illegal cashing to commercial organizations registered in Moscow and other regions of Russia and involved high income.

In December 2011, the gang took over Naftabank, committed grand fraud by getting fake loans on the names of legal entities and physical persons affiliated with the gang, withdrew and stole bank’s assets and over 300 million rubles of deposits.

After bank’s license had been revoked, they stole from State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency over 200 million rubles.

At the present time, investigative operations are underway to find out all the details of the crime. The investigators are taking measures to find and detain Khidirov and other members of the gang. The investigation is ongoing. 

06 November 2015 12:35

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