Alexander Bastrykin took part in the international scientific and practical conference

Today Chairman of the Investigative committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin took part in an international scientific and practical conference on the topic "Forensics support of crime investigation: problems and solutions". The event taken place in the Academy of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is dedicated to 110 jubilees of the Russian Honored scientific figure, doctor of legal sciences, Professor Krylov Ivan Philippovich's birthday.

The following people have taken part in work of the conference: acting Rector of the Russian Investigative Committee Academy Anatoly Bagmet, Chairman of the "Union of investigation veterans" of Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Dontsov, Rector of the Russian Advocacy and Notariat Academy Gasan Mirzoev, director of the Institute of forensic examinations and forensic examination department head of the Moscow state law university named after O.E. Kutafin Elena Rossinskaya, deputy chief of the department on issues of civil service and personnel of the Presidential Administration of Russia Tatyana Averyanova, as well as employees of the Investigative committee, representatives of law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Belarus, scientists, postgraduates of leading Russian higher schools, and other invited persons.

In his speech Alexander Bastrykin reminded of outstanding achievements of Ivan Philippovich Krylov in sphere of forensics and his science body of work, having especially noted papers on forensic examination problems, trace evidence analysis, and history of forensics, as well as his support of an idea of modern science and technology achievements introduction into practical activity.

Talking about modern forensics methodologies and technology, Alexander Bastrykin has presented crime solvency rates which it was managed to achieve, inter alia, thanks to its use in practice of investigators. "In 2015, despite increase of reported crimes total amount, crime solvency rate of serious and extremely serious crimes was around 53%. Inter alia, homicides – 89%, intentional grave bodily harm infliction entailed death through negligence – 93%, rapes – 96%. At the same time crime solvency rate of the last years has been significantly improved. The Chairman of Russian Investigative Committee declared: "Since 2011 to 2015 almost 36 thousand crimes which criminal cases were suspended earlier than, inter alia, more than 3 300 homicides and 1 700 intentional grave bodily harm infliction entailed victim death through negligence have been revealed".

Along with it Alexander Bastrykin told about some directions of the activity of forensics units of the Investigative committee. In particular, the Chairman of Russian Investigative Committee pointed out: "The so-called mass DNA population screening method came into use of the Investigative Committe for the first time of molecule-genetic studies in the Russian Federation. The newest achievements allowing to conduct highly degenerated DNA research, as well as to determine ethnic geography origin of a person and his or her outward physical signs are introduced into the activity of expert units of the Investigative committee of Russia. Mobile DNA laboratories providing solution of the urgent tasks of a genome identification have been already functioning for the third year. Achievements of forensics psychology including methods of memory activation and putting together painted portraits of criminals are being introduced ever more rapidly into investigation practice. In 2015 255 events on memory activation were held, 96 of them with participation of the minors and 54 with participation of infants".

The Chairman of the Investigative committee informed that "last year processing of evaluation-worth, financial-analytical and construction-technical expert research has been started". The replenishment and the application in practical activity of production and installation of homemade explosive devices ways database is continued, by means of which a revelation of IED similar in production and application is possible. At present it has more than 2 500 records".

In conclusion of his speech Alexander Bastrykin rewarded a professor of forensics subdivision of law department of the MSU, doctor of legal sciences, honored worker of Russian science, honored lawyer of RSFSR Nikolay Pavlovich Yablokov with the breast signs: "The honorary employee of the Investigative committee of Russia" and "The honorary professor of the Academy of the Investigative committee of Russia", he wished all conference participants the fruitful discussion and successes as well, having assured that "course of development drawn out by the department, aimed at wide introduction of achievements of science and technology about which Ivan Philippovich Krylov wrote much in his papers into the process of their preliminary most advanced investigation and expert research would be invariably continued».   

Head of Media Relations V.I. Markin