The Chairman of Investigative Committee of Russia addressed the federal drug control service of Russia board

Today Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin took part in the expanded sitting of the Federal Drug Control Service Board of Russia at which the results of the operation-service activity of the Federal Drug Control Service in 2015 and the tasks for 2016 were discussed.

The chairman of the Investigative committee told about concerted efforts of units of Russian Investigative Committee and the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia. In particular, experience of work on the cessation of the organized criminal groups activity and crime investigation with respect to minors is accumulated in the Republic of Tatarstan, the Yugra, Komi Republic. "In general, last year the investigating bodies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation directed 3336 criminal cases on crimes committed in sphere of illegal drug trade. 3 906 accused of crimes of the mentioned category came up for trial", - emphasized the Chairman of Russian Investigative Committee.

According to Alexander Bastrykin: «In 2016 the concerted efforts of the Investigative committee and Federal Drug Control Service of Russia must be aimed at the further curbing of psychedelic drugs spreading or so-called smoking blends. Minors are the main and «desirable» target for distributors of this poison". In this connection the Chairman of Russian IC reminded with a Federal Law establishing prohibition of new potentially dangerous psychoactive drug of synthetic and natural origin trade (so-called spices) which had been accepted due to tough stance of the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia and Investigative committee and had allowed to lay solid legal framework for elimination of rapidly emerging trade networks of it.

At the same time Alexander Bastrykin expressed confidence that the delivery and the dissemination of smoking blends will help to prevent the institution of criminal liability of legal entities which the Investigative committee proposes to bring into Russian legislation as well. Along with it the Chairman of IC of Russia reminded of other legislative proposals of the Investigative committee (creation of a financial police, institute of objective truth) which will also enhance effectiveness of counteraction to crime and will guarantee fair justice security as well.

In conclusion Alexander Bastrykin wished the audience successes in provision of public safety and awarded the Director of the Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov with the breast sign "Honorary employee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation" and the medal "For contributions", and presented the medal "For promotion" to a number of employees of the department.

Head of Media Relations V.I. Markin