Opening of the first Russia's I.C. cadets jamboree (honour students of learning and academic competitions winners) took place in Moscow

The following people took part in the event: senior assistant of the Russia's I.C. Chairman Igor Komissarov, head of the department of learning and educational work of the Russia's I.C., Hero of the Russian Federation Sergey Petrov, chairman of the National Association of Investigation Veterans Organizations "Union of Investigation Veterans" Vladimir Dontsov, deputy head of SBEI FVI of Moscow "Center of military-patriotic and civil education" Sergey Babkin, officers of the central staff of Russia's I.C., veterans of investigation, teachers, and pupils of educational institutions having specialized cadet classes and other honorary guests.

Except cadets from I.C. cadet corps, pupils from seven educational organizations, training in educational institutions having specialized I.C. cadet classes, as well as cadets from educational institutions having cadet classes patronized to the territorial investigating bodies of the Investigative committee from 13 regions of Russia came to the jamboree which was solemnly opened in the Cadet corps of the Russian Investigative Committee after A.Nevsky.

In the course of speeches it was particularly noted by the participants of the event that the necessity of systemic development of cadets' education was proved by time and today there are already thousands of educational cadet institutions in our country. Education of a qualified, disciplined and responsible for fate of the Fatherland citizen of our country is value fully coincident with objectives and tasks emphasized in the Education Development Strategy to 2025 in the Russian Federation. Russia also needs people who will protect its national security fair and non-mercenarily, protect citizens from any criminal encroachments bravely.

At the jamboree the teachers and the cadets exchanged advanced experience on issues of education, bringing-up, development of spiritually-moral and patriotic qualities, creative abilities. Special attention was paid to orientation of future graduates-cadets per further service in the Russia's Investigative committee bodies. With direct participation of representatives of the territorial investigating bodies of the Investigative committee, pedagogical groups, and groups of educational organizations under jurisdiction of the Investigative committee the Concept of development of specialized cadet education of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the period before 2018 was also discussed.

Cultural plan including visits to the Moscow Kremlin museums, the Red Square and Mosfilm museum has been organized for the young honour cadet students and the winners of academic competitions.