Chairman of the RF Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin met with director of Moscow Art Theater Oleg Tabakov

The Chairman of the Russia's Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin met Director of Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov, People's Artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov. During the meeting they discussed collaboration in spiritual and moral development of young employees of the Russia's Investigative Committee and future investigators.

During the meeting Alexander Bastrykin noted, than in current political, economic environment in Russia our society needs a single patriotic and national idea, a strategy to unite compatriots, keep the unity of our state, raise moral and cultural spirit. It is equally important both for young investigators and for those who will continue this profession in future - students of the Russia's Investigative Committee educational institutions and cadets. It is culture and patriotic upbringing together with professional education that form spiritual and moral basis of an investigator as a citizen and protector of the Motherland.

Also it was noted, that workers of culture are concerned about spiritual degradation of society, worsening of education level, lack of taste, shift of moral criteria and increase in crime. Destruction of national traces and breaking of cultural bonds between nations of former USSR are also worrying. All these factors in sum may lead to cultural degradation of society. It is obvious, that without culture and civilization Russia will not reach the high position it deserves. The current situation is paradoxical: practically everyone is literate, but moral culture is deceasing. Every Russian is obliged to fight this tendency, especially those having power. In this relation it seems necessary to increase control over content of literature and movies in order to avoid promotion of cult of violence, cruelty, debauchery and "criminal life romance".

The Chairman of the Russia's Investigative Committee expressed his sincere gratitude to a talented pedagogue, theater and film director Oleg Tabakov for his high professional skills and devotion when realizing complex projects on high moral upbringing of youth, for everything done for Russian citizens, for strengthening Russia's state unity. It would be enough to recall the movie called "The Property of the Republic", where Oleg Tabakov acting Makar Ovchinnikov takes desperate measures to prevent outflow of valuable artworks and saves them from Lagutin's gang.  

Moreover, Alexander Bastrykin and Oleg Tabakov agreed on further development of collaboration, cultural values exposure of investigators, students and cadets of the Investigative Committee educational institutions, participation in mutual moral and patriotic events and meetings.

Head of Media Relations                                                                               V.I. Markin