Alexander Bastrykin attends meeting of Cossacks Council under RF President

Chairman of the RF Investigative Committee has attended today a meeting of the Cossacks Council under the RF President to discuss execution of the plan on the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of RF State Police in 2014-2016 related to Russian Cossacks until 2020; the role of Russian Cossacks in educating patriotism in the younger generation; conception of building Cossack culture centers, troop culture and education centers and some other issues.

Considering the work the Investigative Committee is doing to educate the younger generation the Chairman supported the ideas laid out in the plan in question. Mr. Bastrykin believes that involving Cossack youths into educational patriotic events for stronger historical and traditional values in the Russian society, including those celebrating military glory.

In addition, considering active development of cadet classes and schools in the RF Investigative Committee, Mr. Bastrykin noted the necessity to hold a sports and military contest among military, cadet and Cossack schools. The Chairman is convinced that such events will serve for stronger solidarity and patriotism of the younger generation.

Acting Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                 S.L. Petrenko