Investigative Committees of Russia and Belorussia sign 2018-2019 scientific and education cooperation program

A meeting of the Academic Senate has taken place at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the RF Investigative Committee and has been attended by Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and Chairman of the Belorussia’s Investigative Committee Ivan Noskevich.

The participants discussed the state and outlooks of scientific and educational cooperation and noted that 17 officials of the Belorussia’s Investigative Committee attended professional development course at the Moscow and Saint Petersburg Academies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee in 2015-2017. They had the following majors:

-          Investigation of hostile takeovers of assets, rights of property and non-property rights, money of enterprises;

-          Investigation of crimes committed by an organized criminal group, criminal community (criminal organization);

-          Organization of work of investigative authorities;

-          Investigation of crimes committed against minors or by minors;

-          Organization of investigation into tax crimes;

-          Procedural control.

In the same period, 16 officials of the Belorussian Investigative Committee’s forensic divisions had a study course at the Forensic Directorate of the RF Investigative Committee under the curriculum “Forensic examinations as support to criminal investigations”.

Employees from both Investigative Committee also take part in scientific and education conferences, round tables, workshops and other events held by both Belorussia and Russia.

At present, when criminals come up with new methods and forms of committing crimes, including the use of modern telecommunication networks, the parties pointed out the necessity of closer cooperation between scientific communities of Russian and Belorussia as part of researches in criminal proceedings and exchange of practices in the field.

To conclude the meeting, Mr. Bastrykin and Mr. Noskevich signed the 2018-2019 Scientific Cooperation Program of the Russia’s Investigative Committee and Belorussia’s Investigative Committee.