Alexander Bastrykin attends gala concert in commemoration of 90th anniversary of Alexandrov Ensemble

Alexander Bastrykin, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, attended a special event in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the Alexandrov Ensemble.

In his celebratory speech, Alexander Bastrykin noted that “the Ensemble’s unique feature is for it to be one of the brightest calling cards of our country. The performers clad in military, are welcome guests in any concert hall, on any continent. Their songs are the very same fighters on the ideological front that defend the ideals and higher values of our Fatherland in people’s souls and hearts.”

The life of the ensemble is inextricably linked with the heroic history of our country and its army. Its first performance took place in 1928, on the stage of the Central House of the Red Army; and today the performers engage in vivid and memorable tours on the world’s best stages. All this is the 90 years of victories, losses, bliss to greet the audience. With their song “Sacred War”, the ensemble artists inspired Red Army soldiers to perform feats, to win. There is a reason why a memorial plaque is installed on the wall of the Belorussky railway station, dedicated to the first performance of this song as an instrument of Victory. The merits of the ensemble are marked with high awards of the country, as well as with international titles.

In his speech, Alexander Bastrykin stressed that the anniversary is a new starting point for major and important challenges that the ensemble, whose talent is beyond comparison, is to meet. “I am sure that your inexhaustible creative vitality will bring much more to art and will delight your admirers with vivid stage acts.”

The participants of the special event remembered and commemorated the dead, including 64 people who were going to the war zone in Syria to our soldiers.

Concluding his speech, Alexander Bastrykin thanked the organizers of the evening, stressing that the ensemble has developed a very warm and fruitful relationship with the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. He also wished them creative success, prosperity, and joyful meetings with the audience, bestowing department awards to a number of ensemble’s members.

The gala evening continued with congratulations from other participants and a performance with creative program of the Alexandrov Ensemble.