The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia takes part in a meeting of the Security Council of Russia

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin took part in a meeting of the Russian Security Council, devoted to the issues of promising areas for improving legislation in the field of migration. The event was chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. It was also attended by the permanent members of the Council and representatives of a number of government agencies, including the Ministries of Labor and Social Protection; Science and Higher Education; Health; and the heads of other services and agencies.

The deputy chairman of the Security Council, based on experts' assessments, pointed out the need to revise the migration legislation on the basis of new approaches to its legal and technical design.

The meeting also discussed the state of crime of foreign nationals, its prevention and the necessary measures to prevent illegal migration.

Alexander Bastrykin noted that illegal actions by migrant workers are playing an increasingly prominent role among threats to domestic stability. Crude violations of law and order have become more frequent with their involvement, extremist sentiments are being formed, and the level of terrorist danger is growing. Mass brawls with the participation of labor migrants arriving from Central Asian region were observed in a number of cities. As a whole for 11 months of the current year law enforcement bodies investigated more than 33,5 thousand crimes committed by foreigners, 30% of which were grave and especially grave ones.

Illegal migration also contributes to these circumstances. According to the department, only in the first half of 2021 investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee initiated 62 criminal cases for violations of migration legislation. At the same time, most of the crimes in this category have a corrupt nature. A number of facts of bribery for the organization of illegal migration have been investigated.

Speaking of the increasing aggression of migrant workers, caused in particular by their disadaptation to the Russian mentality, the head of the department pointed to the need for a symmetrical approach to preventive measures and the implementation of a set of additional measures to strengthen the law in the analyzed sphere and improve existing mechanisms for countering violations of migration law and ethnic crime. The need to codify migration legislation and clearly define the procedure for registering migrants, including genomic registration, as well as other types of control over them was also mentioned.