Investigation of a criminal case over murdering four people in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow Region

The investigators believe that on October 19, 2015 the businessman Amiran Georgadze together with his driver Shota Elizbarashvili entered the administration building of the Krasnogorsk municipal district of the Moscow Region and shot its first deputy head Yuri Karaulov in his work-room. The CEO of "Krasnogorsk electric power system enterprise" Georgy Kotlyarenko present there was killed as well. Moreover, on the same day Georgadze shot an accidental passer-by, and businessman Tristan Zakaidze the corpse of whom was found in Georgadze's house became the fourth victim of so-called «Krasnogorsk shooter». On October 23, 2015 the body of Georgadze with a gunshot head wound was found in one of the cottages in Timoshkino village of the Moscow region. The investigation of the criminal case continues.