"Izvestia" magazine has published an author column of the official representative of Russian Investigative Committee V. I. Markin

"After legacies of Bernard Shaw"

Major General of justice Vladimir Markin about reasons the West needs media war against Russia

Recently checking out international news in the morning, I don't believe my eyes more often and have to pinch myself thinking what if I'm dreaming. The western politicians and the mass media, as the saying goes, suddenly ceased being shy and have started pinging anti-Russian things on the most different events even without an occasion. They doesn't note they are destroying their own image of law states and civilized societies in our opinion.

Well, why should we, citizens of Russia, be convinced that we are guilty of all misfortunes of the West in the face of the select and popular leader? No, perhaps, such explanation of West policy breakdowns itself makes sense for its voters. But at what price?

Even during the hardest periods of the Cold War western elite pretended to be complete gentlemen at least on public. "Voice of America" and BBC diligently taught us from a perspective of law state and civilized superiority over an uncivilized redneck desired to "catch up and overtake Western countries".

And we considered "catching up and overtaking" idea as a correct one, in other words, we agreed we had something to learn. Talking not only about science and technology. Anyway, I am personally grateful to fate and the Soviet system of education and culture for careful selection and propaganda of the best world models. Such as the play of Bernard Shaw "Pygmalion".

Really, relations of advanced West and catching up Russia reminded of the famous story a little. As a result we have learned not only to speak international law language but also to work successfully on this basis. However the former teachers from Washington and London suddenly forgot their learning. They behave on international scene exactly the same as «repeaters» from Pyongyang or Kiev (it is our enemies who are guilty of all our failures and not we are) and the most important thing is to speak louder about another virtual victory over evil.

Falsification of a legal procedure is now the main way of achieving virtual political «victories» over Russia as «world evil». For example, "investigation" Boeing crash on the Donbass was passed to a Dutch institution with the sensational name "Board on safety". Many thought they took it seriously and in reality this organization turned out to be experts commission on elaboration of recommendations based on the results of transport incidents and not legal instance at all. But under this pretext an international legal procedure of investigation was not conducted in accordance with the rules of ICAO. The question is "who and why needed such replacing and abuse".

The same is with legal investigation of the "Litvinenko's case" by the strange commission with unclear authorities but headed by a judge. In the absence of a legal basis, instead of witnesses on oath, rumors and nonentities of western mass media have been used. Apparently, in order to fully destroy a desire of Russian legal audience to listen to a British haywired "teacher", the "verdict" of guilty was organized with special English humor through the phrase "probably".

I mean nobody prevents us from composing the same "verdicts" with the phrase "no doubt that" for discussion on social networking websites. For example, on a case about the British expert who allegedly committed suicide in the wood line who accused government of Tony Blair in falsification of charges against Saddam Hussein before invasion of Iraq. Besides, our verdict will probably be much likelier and more plausible. At least it possible to unwillingly use as proofs fakes and acts by the western mass media.

By the way, examining merit of charges of the "Litvinenko's case", the unit of the main evidence is polonium traces which more likely refers to the failed operation of western special services in an attempt to accuse someone of the Russian citizens or at least their own agent of a nuclear materials traffic. But, apparently, they failed and had to accuse anyone of anything to distract attention from their failure.

The key is that the western politicians themselves know about true initiators. Recently information from close hearings in the parliament of the Netherlands has trickled back: the Dutch extraordinary commission agents reported only the Armed Forces of Ukraine had operable complexes of SA-11 Gadfly in the summer of 2014, which stroke the Malay Boeing.

But all the same they lay the blame in Russia, continuing to accuse us of all sins. The inevitable question is what the purpose of this orgiastic media war is. How do western "partners" benefit from it?

First, the western bourgeoises and the voters need to name the guilty ones in problems that they have – a financial crisis, badly concealed unemployment, inflow of refugees, terrorism. Well, they are not to confess it was the western elite who brought all the world into liberal deadlock, aren't they?

Second, the atlanticists and the globalists want to restrain economic development and amplification of Russia and Europe as well at the expense of development of mutual trade very much. For this purpose a regular "sanitary cordon" is ranging from weakened limitroph countries from Sweden through the Baltic, Poland, Ukraine, the Balkans, Turkey. In addition, it is being made behind using funds and even at the expense of its economies, therefore they need to increase wild russophobia in world liberal mass media and local massmedia. This is perhaps the main motive of series perjuries against Russia.

Well, lastly, we will not exclude frank jealousy and envy of senescent "Pygmalion" for its late nursling, a desire to vilify in neighbours' opinion in order perhaps to preserve its influence too. So that Russia go on "carrying water" for the West.

However, there are wonderful samples of such West desires in our Russian classics. For example, one is about an envious oldwife willing to become Mistress of the Seas...