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Lessons investigation

Perm detectives important not only to investigate criminal cases, but also to identify the causes of crime

Why law largely protects suspects rather than victims? And there is an investigation of resonant criminal cases?

Told "RG" said Marina Zabbarova, head of investigation department of the investigative committee at the prosecutor's office in the Perm region of Russia.

eligible for assistance

Russian newspaper: Marina, the UPC was created three years ago. Is this enough time to solve all the logistical problems?

Marina Zabbarova: The decision to separation of powers prosecutors adopted three years ago, as time has shown, it was completely justified. In such a short period of the Investigation Committee not only showed his consistency, but also managed to take their rightful place in the law enforcement agencies. Of course, we have experienced great difficulties, including the logistical plan, inevitably at the initial stage of formation of any structure. Our employees sometimes sit on eight people in one room. But it is already in the past.

WP: Protection of the rights of victims, in your opinion, is at the appropriate level?

Zabbarova: In my opinion, in our legislation there is a significant bias in favor of the rights of suspects and defendants. In criminal proceedings, their rights are spelled out with great care. And this, of course, absolutely correct. But sometimes they are clearly being abused. Especially at the stage of familiarization with the criminal case. A victim is forced to wait. He can not do anything. The law on the side of the accused. For example, in one notorious case in the province accused simply stalling for time. Since last December, his lawyers, taking advantage of loopholes in the law, after all, supposedly, can not know the case. And how many such cases in the country? Criminals sometimes for years familiar with the case, delaying the criminal proceedings. I think that should give more attention to the rights of victims. Including the issue of compensation for property damage.

WP: And what it should say specifically? Zabbarova: Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor's Office launched an initiative to create a structure that would address the issue. I mean the bill for reparations and to other social assistance to victims of crime, which provides for the establishment of the National Compensation Fund. Manage it should be directly the Russian government. A financing fund is proposed to account for seized cash, proceeds of crime, as well as fines, sale of arrested property of debtors. From it to pay people money, and then recover the amount spent with the criminals. Now, for example, a man set fire to the house, he was sentenced to two years, and he quietly sit in the colony, taking with him nothing. But how and where to live to the victim? Therefore, we must take action to compel the offender to make amends for the damage. This and must deal with the fund or committee - the name no matter what. Importantly, both victims were sure that they compensate for the damage, and the criminals know that the money they will charge.

And yet such a nuance. If there is a tragedy on a national scale, when killed dozens, hundreds of people, their relatives immediately assisted. And if, say, from a crime one person died, his family will get nothing. And why? After all, in essence a tragedy in both cases. Creation of a fund to help equalize people's rights to receive assistance.

Bribes in sight

WP: There is a strong opinion in Russia: in respect of someone opened a criminal case, it means that person is guilty. And if it is not condemned, therefore, could "otmazatsya. Is it really?

Zabbarova: Of course not. In an investigation of criminal cases we do not try to blame what that particular person. Investigators set to be proving the circumstances of the case. And our work ends not only indictments, but the decision not to criminal cases. There are such Resignation materials are literally dozens of volumes, especially when testing economic issues. A criminal case excited sometimes, because within them is much faster to check the facts and understand the situation. During the three years that there investigatory committee at the Russian prosecutor's office in the Perm region, we have received over 40,000 complaints and reports. According to him was opened 11,000 criminal cases, of which about six thousand, we have sent to court. There are cases that ended in termination. For each case, is rigorous testing, because, I repeat, we do not deal with the charges hanging on specific individuals and get to the truth.

WP: In recent years, constantly on hearing cases related to corruption. And they involved a rather high-ranking officials, members of the Legislative Assembly of Perm. This is another company - to identify unscrupulous officials?

Zabbarova: Of course not. Bribes we caught and tried at all times. Simply did not exist before such a large number of information channels, where people get different information, and the openness of our law enforcement agencies makes itself felt. About our investigative committee to say that we are now just learned how to work with the media. We spread virtually all information except for those whose dissemination is restricted by law. I sometimes even the most scary is after watching the news on TV or read newspapers. So many terrible happens. Most want a good, positive news. As for the corruption cases, the success here has always been very much of their earlier coverage is not as active as now.

Reach the Truth

WP: Home your task - to investigate criminal cases. Your actions are strictly limited scope of the Criminal Procedure Code. Can you and your employees have a real impact on reducing crime?

Zabbarova: In fulfillment of their duties to investigate crimes, we can do a little bit. But it's a little sometimes worth it. In studying the circumstances of the offense, we establish the reasons for their commission and thus can indicate to the responsible agencies and officials of the problems that must be addressed. Thus, analysis of the causes of crime in the juvenile shows that most of them done when children are left unsupervised, parents and guardians. Often this is due to inadequate supervision of children by assotsialnogo lifestyle of the parents of the victims, either because of their astonishing carelessness. How can you leave small children unattended, let alone on the street, into the woods? In addition, unfortunately, our children do not know the basic safety rules of conduct when dealing with strangers, do not know how to behave in different situations. However, it should be understood that the investigating authorities, tend to take response measures already on the occasion of the fact, that is, in fact already dealt with the investigation of what happened.

point for business

WP: Traditionally, the public attention attracted high-profile investigation of high-profile cases. When can you start the trial of the perpetrators of the fire in a nightclub lame horse "?

Zabbarova: September 20 Leninsky district court determine the date and time of the commencement of this criminal case. As already known, recently in the Spanish city of Barcelona arrested Mryhin Constantine, one of the actual owners of burned-out nightclub. Now solved the question of his extradition, that is the transfer of our law enforcement agencies. This case is quite long, so it is likely that the trial against the other accused will be without him. All this is permitted by applicable law.

WP: The same resonance was the attack in June at the DPS office by Irene in Suksun area. Law enforcement authorities said they were destroyed in Bashkortostan members of gangs involved in this crime. But to this day one hundred percent proof that there is no ...

Zabbarova: about the murder of a policeman in Suksun area. I want to responsibly say that we knew at the time of liquidation of bandits in Bashkortostan, who committed this crime. And we have no doubt that these persons killed Permian policeman. Now performed by standard procedures of identification provided by law. After their graduation the case of the murder of a policeman will be terminated in connection with the death of suspects.

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Zabbarova Marina was born in the village Dubrovo Elovskikh district of the Perm region. She graduated in 1983, Perm State University, majoring in "Jurisprudence". Passed his career as the secretary and the inspector prosecutors Perm region to the head of the Office for Supervision of the investigation, inquiry and operative investigation of the Procuracy of the Perm region. Led the Department of Investigation UPC RF Perm region in October 2007. State Counselor of Justice of the class 3. Married, one daughter and son.

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