Rossiyskaya gazeta: Jailed for friendship

The protector of the young man guilty of an audacious car crash is jailed for assault on a policeman.

Yesterday Meshchabsky Court of Moscow sentenced Aleksandr Mirilashvili to 2 years in a minimum-security penal colony for driving into a policeman.

The incident happened after a notorious car crash involving the so-called “brilliant boy”, the name journalists have given to a young man, who smashed his own Ferrari and a few other cars.

The accident happened on the night of 16 October 2016, on Krymsky bridge. It was hit-and-run accident, but later the police found the young man in one of the hospitals in Moscow. And at that moment Aleksandr Mirilashvili began to defend the student real actively. When journalists of one of TV channels tried to take an interview from the young man, but Mirilashvili did not let them get near him.

The Investigative Committee reported later the journalists called the police, and when one of the officers asked the man for his ID, he refused. Moreover, he fled the hospital, got into his car and drove into the officer, who was trying to detain him. Having dragged the officer on the bonnet for several meters, Mirilashvili took off, but later he came to an investigator of his own accord and was detained.

Mirilashvili admitted his guilt, so the court will try his case under a special procedure.

Pyotr Orlov, Rossiyskaya gazeta, Capital issue №6931 (63) of 25 March 2016