Moskovsky komsomolets: Belgorod doctor Zelendinov jailed for 9 years for delivering fatal blow to a patient

Ilya Zelendinov, a doctor from Belgorod Polyclinic N2, who while at work beat to death a patient who had allegedly been rude to a nurse has been jailed.

According to the website of the Russia’s Investigative Committee, Belgorod polyclinic N2 doctor Ilya Zelendinov was tried under Part 4 of Article 111 of the RF Penal Code and under item “a” of Part 2 of Article 116 of the RF Penal Code (infliction of a grave injury which has involved the death of the victim by negligence and beating out of malicious motives).

We remind that the tragedy happened before the New Year.

According to the investigation, a man with stomachache complaints (the cameras captured the initial examination of the patient, the camera footage proves the patient´s complaints) arrived at the city hospital ward on 29 December last year.

The footage shows that Zelendinov came into the room and started to beat the patient and his accompanying man after the nurse had pointed him to. When the doctors discovered that the patient was neither moving nor breathing, Zelendinov initiated resuscitation, but failed to save him. Watch the video captioned “Belgorod hospital surgeon kills a patient for a conflict with a nurse”.

The Belgorod hospital doctor started a fight with the patients for the reason thatthe latter had allegedly offended the young nurse. The surgeon knocked off the patient who had arrived on ambulance and beat his accompanying man for allegedly having been rude to the nurse and having beaten her in the hospital ward. However, it has been revealed that the conflict was only verbal.

A criminal case was initiated. But the CCTV cameras captured not everything that happened that evening.

Investigators say that the man’s behavior when he arrived at the hospital was violent and he even kicked the nurse during the examination. “Understanding that the patient at the hospital ward wouldn’t stand up, Zelendinov stroke him strongly with his right hand at the left side of the face and with his left hand at his torso”. These strokes caused the death of the man – the strike delivered to the man’s neck caused an acute heart failure. 

The court sentenced the former doctor to 9 years and 2 months in a maximum-security penal colony.

According to the senior assistant of the Belgorod Region Prosecutor Olga Moiseykina, the state prosecution demanded 10.5 years in a maximum-security penal colony.

However, the spokesperson of the Department said that in general the prosecutors were satisfied with the sentence.

The defenders asked to try the former doctor under Articles “causing death by negligence” and “beating causing physical pain, but with no consequences” and are going to appeal against the court’s decision.

Zelendinov asked in his last plea to try him “in accordance with the law”. 


Moskovsky komsomolets newspaper of 24 March 2016