Rossiyskaya gazeta: Case opened in Yekaterinburg after day care facility fire

A criminal case has been opened over a fire in a private day care facility in Yekaterinburg which resulted in babies’ injuries.

We remind that today’s morning the employees noticed smoldering of a sofa in the private day care facility situated in a first-floor flat of a house and called for firefighters. 10 people, 6 children among them, evacuated from the room on their own before the firefighters arrived. 4 children and 4 adults, the day care facility staff, were taken to hospital.

 “According to the obtained data, most of the hospitalized children and adults inhaled smoke while one child aged 3 suffered a second and a third degree burns of 8 per cent of the skin”, the Region press-service of the Russia’s Investigative Committee said. The all-clear sounded at 08.11 AM, Moscow time in 8 Marta Street, 189/4. Electric wiring short circuit is a preliminary version of the fire. The Sverdlovsk Region Investigative Committee opened a criminal case over rendering of services which do not meet safety requirements (Part 2, item “b” of Article 238 of the RF Penal Code). The Chkalovsky District Prosecutor’s Office will also check whether the fire safety standards and the epidemiological standards were met. Prosecution will find out if the day care owners had the license of educational activities.  

BY THE WAY. Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev ordered the regional office of the Ministry of Health to take all the measures to help the injured. The Head of the Region also asked the Emergency Ministry to check whether the legislative standards had been met in the facility.

Tatyana Vorobyeva (Yekaterinburg), Rossiyskaya gazeta 25.03.2016