Rossiyskaya gazeta: double murder on the road

Scooter drivers have been shot in the new Moscow

A story similar to a Wild West oater has happened at one of the houses of the village of Yakovlevskaya in the new Moscow. A 55-year-old driver met some old but not the best acquaintances of his who were riding a scooter. Well, as things go, one thing led to another and they finished fighting. The car driver must have lost the battle and went home. Not for a long time though.

The senior assistant of the Head of the Moscow Directorate of the RF Investigative Committee Yulia Ivanova said that the driver decided to take revenge on those scooter riders for the alleged blows and came back with a shotgun. Not a licensed one though.  His “offenders”, men aged 39 and 26, were still riding along the road. They were the ones on whom the angry man took on.

To all appearances, he fired a 12 caliber caseshot gun. The younger rider died immediately, he might have been potted, cause no surgeon will manage to sew up a wound like this. The other was taken to a resuscitation department of one of Moscow’s hospitals. 

A criminal case under Part 1 of Article 105 of the RF Penal Code (murder) and under Part 3 of Article 30 and Part 2 of Article 105 (attempted murder of two and more persons) was opened.

It is known that the impulsive killer is a hunter. The policemen already confiscated a few guns (the total number has not been announced yet). All his weapons were legally licensed and registered at a local license department. And we can’t even say that the gun with which he killed the people was illegal; he simply didn’t extend the license for it.  He might have come two months later and would have paid a fine of nothing more than 300 rubles and got all the necessary documents made for him.

But roughly speaking they couldn’t look into his head. And the real problem is his head here. It may happen that the investigators will raise a claim not only against the hunter but also the doctors who had examined him. This year the legislative establishment has toughened the license standards for civilian weapons. Now it is necessary to consult a narcologist and psychiatrist at specified local clinics. This means that the stamps in the patients’ charts won’t work anymore. It will take the weapons owners a bit more time but doctors will take more responsibility for their signature and stamp and, moreover, the responsibility will be personal. That is if a doctor has authorized a patient to use a weapon then this doctor is responsible personally for diagnosing a patient as a healthy one. And for the lives of those who might be killed by this healthy patient.

Additional information: Last year the Russian Government specified in a special order a list of diseases, those who suffer from them have the right to possess neither civilian nor duty weapons. Two so-called categories of diseases are listed there – they are mental and eye disorders.

If we speak about the oculist patients then it is all clear here: the people who see almost nothing, whose loss of sight is up to 70 percent, for whom neither contact lenses nor glasses are of use.

Not that such a person will be willing to own weapons – what for, if they don’t see where to shoot.

As for the mental diseases, there are 7 of them in the governmental list. Here we have schizophrenia, mental deficiency, split personality. There is no need to explain that such kind of people should be given weapons on no account.