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21 December 2012

Can Russian law enforcement punish negligent parents from abroad? The problem of foreign citizens adopting Russian orphans is widely discussed. The arguments are crimes committed against Russian children in the United States. The Russia’s Investigative Committee undertakes its own investigation into those incidents. How? Senior Investigator of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Andrei Petrikov told about that in the interview to KP.

18 December 2012

As Kommersant has learned, yesterday the Russia’s Investigative Committee (SKR) forwarded to prosecutor’s office a criminal case against Vyacheslav Dudka, former governor of Tula Region. He and ex-director of Tula Region Department of Property and Land Relationships Viktor Volkov are charged with taking a bribe. The court will listen to the case in 2013 and in accordance with recent amendments to law the case will be listened to by not the jury, as the Dudka’s defense were counting for, but by a judge of Sovetsky district of Tula, from whom they expect “nothing good”.

17 December 2012

The second man participating in murderer of a TV host of the state-owned broadcasting company Kabardino-Balkaria

17 December 2012


In the beginning was the word carved in granite, by which the prime Minister characterized actions of employees of the Investigative Committee, who had raided the flat of Pavel Kostomarov, director of documentary “Term”, during the investigation of Bolotnaya case. And though the word was uttered after the interview on TV and can’t be considered official, the answer was not only official, but defiant: Head of Media Relations Directorate, Major General of Justice Vladimir Markin stood up for honor and dignity of law enforcement.

14 December 2012

Yesterday the Russia’s Investigative Committee (SKR) reported that it had prepared a request to be sent to Georgia asking to explain the role of its former minister Givi Targamadze in organizing mass riots that had taken place on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow on 6 June 2012. Investigators have reasons to assume that Mr. Targamadze not only funded some of opposition leaders: records of his negotiations, distributed all over media, show that he even suggested how to stimulate the homeless around the venues of mass riots and when to offer them strong drinks.

14 December 2012

Yesterday President also met with Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee. The latter told about performance of the Committee: 300 thousand criminal cases are in proceeding, investigating a number of serious crimes in some region the percentage of criminal cases solved amounts to 80-90%. Cases against over 30 criminal communities have been forwarded to courts, major terrorist attacks have been solved.

12 December 2012

The supposed killers of judge Edward Chuvashov are charged with other serious crimes

12 December 2012

An official from Khimki is accused of organizing the attack

10 December 2012
It is necessary to set a legal barrier for obviously fictitious schemes of evading tax. In 2010, the jurisdiction to investigate tax crimes was withdrawn from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and entrusted to the Russia’s Investigative Committee
10 December 2012

There in an increasing number of criminal cases investigated by the Investigative Committee (SKR) over corruption among high-ranking officials. At present the SKR has investigators specializing in investigating corruption crimes. The Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has finished investigating a criminal case against ex-governor of Tula Region Vyacheslav Dudka, reported Firs Vice-Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Colonel General of Justice Vasili Piskaryov. Vyacheslav Dudka is charged with a many-million bribe. At present the former governor is under house arrest.

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