Former head of Economical Safety and Counteraction to Corruption Department of the Ministry of the Interior Denis Sugrobov and his accomplices convicted

Evidedence gathered by the Head Office of the Investigative Committee and a court are seen as sufficient to pronounce a sentence to former head of the Economical Safety and Counteraction to Corruption Department of the Ministry of the Interior Denis Sugrobov, as well as former heads and employees of that institution: Boris Kolesnikov, Salavat Mullayarov, Ivan Kosourov, Vitaly Cherednichenko, Evgeniy Shermanov, Sergei Borisovsky, Sergei Ponomaryov, Andrei Nazarov and a civilian Igor Skakunov. In dependence of their roles in the crimes, under Article 210, Item C, Part 3 of Article 286, Article 303, Article 304 of the RF Penal Code (organization and participation in criminal society, abuse of official powers, falsification of evidence and results of investigative operations, provocation of bribery). Sugrobov has been found guilty in 21 counts of crimes.

The investigators have revealed that in 2011 Denis Sugrobov have created a criminal society, that included his subordinates. Together with his deputy Boris Kolesnkov, Sugrobov developed the general scheme for crimes. They fabricated and documented information about allegedly criminal activities of persons. For example, they gave an official money under farfetched reason without any approval and documented this act as a crime. Later these materials were used as basis for criminal cases.

The persons of interest distorted results of search and investigative activities that were legal on the first glance, but in fact comprised criminal plan of the society. Sugrobov set objectives and tasks to the criminal society and persons, responsible for crimes and made the most significant decisions. The members of the criminal society obeyed secrecy and if they had to involve other persons into crimes, they didn’t inform them that their actions were laying within single criminal plan. Prepared phone numbers, registered on dummies, were used to contact such persons.

The perpetrators simulated successful fulfillment of tasks on counteraction to economical and corruption crimes. As a result, they received extraordinary promotions and bigger salaries, bonuses, departmental and state awards. For example, Denis Sugrobov was promoted to Lieutenant General of Police. He also was awarded 3rd Class Medal for Merits in Management, 1st Class Medal for Merits in Service, as well as 1.3 million rubles as bonus.

The list people, against whom were launched criminal investigation due to provoking actions of perpetrators, includes the Chief Medical Officer of the Central Clinical Hospital of Directorate for President Affairs, the Chairman of the Nanotec-Industries AG, the Head of Smolensk City Administration, the Acting Chancellor of the South-Russian State University of Economics and Service, the Acting Head of the Moscow Directorate of the The Federal Sservice for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography, Director of a department of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and other persons. More than 30 people are accounted as victims. After detention of criminal society members, all criminal cases against victims were seized or they were justified by courts.

11 more persons were convicted previously for committing of the same crimes, including 4 former senior authorities and employees of the Economical Safety and Counteraction to Corruption Department: Maxim Nazarov, Aleksei Bodnar, Evgeniy Sechin, Evgeniy Golubtsov, as well as other accomplices.

A court has ruled out to sentence Sugrobov to 22 years of prison, Salavat Mullayarov to 20 years of prison, Ivan Kosourov to 19 years of prison, Sergei Borisovsky to 17 years of prison, Vitaly Cherednichenko to 18 years of prison, Evgeniy Shermanov to 18 years of prison, Sergei Ponomaryov to 17 years of prison, Andrei Nazarov to 17 years of prison, Igor Skakunov to 4 years of prison. Boris Kolesinkov has been found guilty of committed crimes but the criminal case against him has been seized due to his death.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee S.L. Petrenko