Sentence imposed over a probe into swindling on an especially large scare committed against disabled persons

The evidence collected by the Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia was found by court to be sufficient to sentence individual entrepreneur Valery Parovoznikov. He was found guilty of committing swindling on an especially large scale in an amount of over 178 million rubles against disabled persons (Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of Russia).

The investigation and the court found that Perevoznikov promised to manufacture the victims new prosthetics, for the payment of which he offered to take out multi-million loans. The money under the loan agreements was transferred to the accounts of Perevoznikov, who spent it on paying off his debts and expensive purchases. At the same time, the accused did not fulfill his obligations to make prosthetics for disabled people.

Upon decision of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, the probe was transferred to the Central Office of the Committee. Thanks to competent investigative tactics, the investigators of the Investigative Committee managed to collect a set of evidence confirming his involvement in the crime.

The accused fully admitted his guilt.

The court sentenced him to 12 years of imprisonment in a general regime correctional colony.

Earlier, in a criminal case, separated into a separate proceeding, a verdict was passed by which Perevoznikov was found guilty of embezzling funds from persons with disabilities, including a member of the Russian Paralympic volleyball team, world and European champion, in the amount of more than 11 million rubles.  He was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment in a general regime penal colony.