Third suspect in murder of 8 Marta furniture holding detained

The investigative bodies of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Moscow region have apprehended the third suspect of killing of businessman Mikhail Kravchenko. It is Mikhail Ishchenko, 40, from Novorossiysk. For some time he has been working in one of the private security agencies in Moscow.

The investigation believes that it was Ishchenko who shot the businessman from a hand-made 9 caliber submachine gun. He made no less than 16 shots. Three of them reached the target. The suspect was detained in one of the villages in the Krasnodar region where he was hiding from the investigators after the committed crime. Thereby, due to coherent and professional actions by investigators of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow region and field officers of the Moscow area police force the murder committed in unobvious conditions was solved in shortest time, all accomplices – organizers and perpetrators – were identified and detained. The organizer of the killing – Aleksey Pronin, 36, from the Ryazan region and one of the perpetrators Vitaly Antishin had been detained earlier.

At present, the investigators are carrying out investigation operations to consolidate the evidence of guilt of each one of the accomplices. The investigation is to be continued.