Solodkin father and son and former deputy head of regional office of drug control service found guilty of chain of crimes in Novosibirsk

A court has recognized the evidence gathered by the Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee sufficient to convict former chief sports expert of the Novosibirsk Region Administration Alexander Solodkin, former vice-mayor of Novosibirsk Alexander Solodkin and former deputy head of the regional office of the Federal Drug Control Service Andrey Andreyev.

The investigators revealed that occupying different positions senior Solodkin influenced the activity of business entities of the city having opportunity to redistribute flows of funds. Sometime later junior Solodkin also started to use his official position as Novosibirsk Deputy Mayor to enrich the criminal group. Solodkins’ role in the group was to find and them control businesses, getting from them illegal profit, which was the financial source of the group. As state officials they also made and supported contacts with authorities and security agencies, who if necessary protected them from criminal prosecution. The Solodkins did not hesitate to take part in showdowns. Namely, according to investigators, the father was involved in an attempted murder of a businessman while his son is charged with arson of a car, deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm, bribery and frauds.

As for the former deputy head of the regional office of the Federal Drug Control Service Andreyev, he also committed different crimes as a member of the criminal group. Namely, between March 2005 and March 2006, He systematically informed Solodkin junior results of investigative and search operations so that he could pass it on to other members of the group. By doing it he obviously abused his power.

The crimes committed by father and son Solodkins were not solved for a long time because they had tremendous influence in the city. But everything got changed after the Investigative Committee was established. The joint work of investigators and operative units was activated which resulted in the catch of all members of Trunovskaya criminal group, most of whom are serving their time in prison.

During the investigation, over 140 forensic inquiries, including medical, biological, chemical, dactylographic, ballistic, computer, pyrotechnical ones were carried out. Over 1,500 people were questioned as witnesses. The case has over 200 volumes of records.

The court will announce the punishment later.

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