Probe opened in Chelyabinsk Region in abuse of authority in allocating housing to orphans by former head of Kunashak District

The Chelyabinsk Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have opened a criminal investigation against former head of Kunashak District Vadim Zakirov charged with crimes under part 3 of article 285 of the RF Penal Code (abuse of authority).

According to investigators, Zakirov in 2012-2014, conspired with representatives of a company and organized construction and purchase by the district administration three buildings in the village of Kunashak at overstated price. By doing so he caused the district’s budget damage of over 4 million rubles. The said buildings, according to specialists not fit for living due to gross breaches of fire and sanitary norms and rules made during construction, were later bought at the auction following Zakirov’s order for being provided to orphans, former inmates of children’s homes.

The crimes were revealed during an investigation opened against Zakirov charged with 2 counts of a crime under part 3 of article 285 of the RF Penal Code (abuse of authority). It was revealed, that in 2014, Kunashak District administration bought a kindergarten in the village of Kunashak for over 19 million rubles. According to experts, the price of the building was inflated causing the budget damage of over 9 million rubles. Zakirov had taken a bribe of 2.5 million rubles for helping the municipality to buy the building at an inflated price.

Following the request of investigator a court ruled to place Zakirov in custody pending trial. During the inquiry, investigators are going to assess the actions of officials of Kunashak District administration, who had agreed to commission housing that had not met necessary requirements. Operative support of the investigation is provided by the officers of the regional office of the Federal Security Service. The investigation is ongoing.