Alexander Bastrykin Izvestia: "I will start with staff"

Last Friday, the newly appointed head of the Investigative Committee

at the RF Prosecutor General's Office Alexander Bastrykin answered? issues of special

correspondent of "Izvestia" Vladimir crosshairs.

question: Alexander , where to start to work in his new capacity?

Answer: First of all - the alignment of the committee structure and staffing -

guidelines and performing. So with training and start. To this was given

90 days. Taking into account the summer holiday period is, of course, a short time, but

September 7 this year, the committee should begin to function.

In: Prior to the appointment you have met with the president. As he formulated

you the challenges ahead?

about: The President stressed that the Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor General's Office

must address increased efficiency investigative bodies

Prosecutor's Office. Unfortunately, in some regions of the detection of particularly serious

Crime is low. If the whole of Russia, this figure reaches 80-90

percent, that is the territory where the detection rate of murders, rapes and

robberies is less than 60 percent.

Q: What is the reason?

about: decreased qualifications of investigators, including authorities

Prosecutor's Office. Came a lot of young investigators, the experience of their operation is small and

crimes are very difficult. Therefore, one of the most important tasks

Investigative Committee under the Prosecutor General's Office is to create a system

training and retraining of investigators, especially investigators

for particularly important cases. We must restore the system to improve

skills Prosecutor General's Office, which existed in his time back in

The Soviet Union, and on this basis to achieve professional development

investigation. Then it will be and detection.