Founder of Rechelstroi charged with embezzling investors’ money arrested in Chelyabinsk Region

The Chelyabinsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee continues an investigation against founder of OOO Rechelstroi, member of the Chelyabinsk Town Duma Andrei Pyazok charged with fraud under Part 4 of Article 159 of the RF Criminal Code.

The case has been joined with another fraud case passed over by the prosecutor from the police and opened into stealing of money invested into construction of apartment buildings in Lake City block.

According to investigators, in 2015 and 2016, the accused stole money invested by people in construction of several apartment buildings in Lake City block.

At present, an investigation team consisting the most experienced investigators, is conducting urgent investigative operations to register the evidence. Necessary book keeping and assessment examinations are being run. More than 700 people were recognized as injured parties. The exact number of the injured parties is being checked.

Operative support to the investigation is being provided by officers of the regional offices of the Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry’s Directorate.

A court has ruled to place the accused in custody pending trial. All necessary measures are going to be taken to restore violated rights of the injured parties and to reimburse the damage.