Investigative Committee of Russia analyses its anti-corruption performance

Today the entire world celebrates International Anti-Corruption Day. The Investigative Committee, as a government body in charge of legal proceedings under the state law, investigates cases involving corruption. This is one of the key priorities of the Committee.

This year, Russian law enforcement authorities have registered 25,004 corruption offences, which exceed the number of such crimes for 9 months of 2017 by 0.6% (24,856 offences). The number of crimes involving bribery (Articles 290-291.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia) has increased by 3% (10,179 offenses against 9,886 in 2017). The share of crimes involving corruption in the total number of registered crimes has also increased to 1.7% (1.6% in 2017).

Investigators of the Investigative Committee have opened 14,190 investigations. Most probes into corruption offences has been launched in Samara Region (308), Urals Transport Investigations Directorate (326), Moscow Region (349), Rostov Region (353), Krasnodar Territory (372), Moscow (421), the Republic of Tatarstan (459), and Chelyabinsk Region (639).

6,123 investigations have been referred to court. Probes into the following offenses prevail among all probes referred to court: minor bribery - 1,366 (22.3%); swindling - 1,210 (19.8%); bribe-giving - 1,105 (18%); bribe-taking - 926 (15.1%); embezzlement - 509 (8.3%); abuse of official powers - 228 (3.7%); exceeding official powers - 199 (3.3%); forgery - 161 (2.6%); mediation in bribery - 166 (2.7%); commercial bribery - 165 (2.7%); abuse of authority - 33 (0,5%).

6,885 persons have been prosecuted. This number includes 2,684 bribe-givers not holding any official positions; 790 law enforcement officers; 596 executive officials of commercial and other organizations; 502 officials of local self-government bodies; 495 military officers; 483 officials of state and municipal institutions and enterprises; 334 employees of the Russian Ministry of Justice including 334 staff members of the Federal Penitentiary Service and 115 employees of the Federal Bailiff Service; 261 workers of education and science; 178 healthcare workers; 69 state and municipal supervision officers; 43 customs officers; 40 employees of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; 33 employees of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations; 33 employees of the Russian Ministry of Communications; 33 employees of the Russian Transport Ministry; 32 employees of the Russian Ministry of Labour; 26 officers of the National Guard; 25 employees of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture; 18 employees of the Russian Tax Service.

During this year, investigators completed investigations into former Udmurt Governor Alexander Solovyov; former Vladivostok Mayor Igor Pushkarev; former Deputy Chief of Directorate T of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Economic Security and Combating Corruption Dmitry Zakharchenko; former First Deputy of the Chairman of Ivanovo Region Local Government Dmitry Kulikov; former judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court Igor Korogodov and advocate of the Moscow Chamber of Advocates Alexander Mosin; former Perm Transport Minister Almaz Zakiev; retired judge of the Saratov Regional Court Vladimir Stasenkov; former Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Murmansk Region Elvira Makarova.

The following officers were sentenced for commission of offences involving corruption: former Deputy Governor of Vladimir Region Dmitry Khvostov; former Deputy Governor of Vologda Region Nikolay Guslinsky; former Deputy Governor of Altai Territory Yury Denisov; former First Deputy of the Chairman of Ryazan Region Local Government Dmitry Andreev; former Deputy Chief of the Tambov Regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Igor Fatkin; former Chief of the Tambov Regional Tax Service Lubov Kruglova; former investigator of the Moscow Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Andrievsky; former Chief of the Perm Regional Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service Alexander Sokolov; former Deputy Chairman of the Penza Municipal Duma Georgy Tyurin; former Minister of Construction and Utilities Modernisation of the Tyva Republic Vladimir Sat; former Mayor of Ust-Ilimsk Vladimir Tashkanov; and others.

The Investigative Committee together with emergency units of the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues its complex work for detection of crimes involving corruption and prosecuting of persons involved in these offenses.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko