Refugee family assisted in citizenship and housing by Investigative Committee, relevant authorities and representatives of business, arrives to Yaroslavl Region

The Investigative Committee of Russia continues its work of securing the rights and interests of children.

Today, the family that was forced to leave South-East Ukraine and move to the Russian Federation for permanent residence in 2014 arrived to Yaroslavl. At first, Ludmila Sukhonosova and her grandson Artyom resided in a refugee camp in Simferopol; afterwards they moved to a city in Yakutia named Neryungri where they were settled in an old barrack. The family did not have any documents except for refugee ID cards, therefore they were unable to receive social allowances and pension. The process of obtaining the Russian citizenship has been unreasonably delayed for them. Moreover, the barrack caught fire and became uninhabitable. The woman contacted a whole number of authorities, including federal ones, in charge of responding to such applications. However, despite multiple complaints of the woman, the situation was not changing.

The direction of the Investigative Committee of Russia found out about this situation through media monitoring, and senior assistant for the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Igor Komissarov took all necessary measures to secure the rights and legal interests of the woman and her grandchild.

The issues of the family were successfully resolved due to the well-coordinated actions of the state authorities and representatives of business and the public.

Ludmila Sukhonosova and her grandson were given the Russian citizenship on September 20, 2018. After that, the woman was finally able to receive the social allowances provided by law.

Furthermore, the Investigative Committee of Russia, Children’s Rights Commissioner for the Russian President Anna Kuznetsova, and a group of entrepreneurs managed to solve the problem of purchasing of housing for the family. They were given a flat in Yaroslavl Region.

Today, the woman and the child arrived to Yaroslavl. They were welcomed by officers of the Yaroslavl Regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia. The officers kindly greeted the guests to Yaroslavl and assured any further assistance will be provided if needed.