Investigation looking into circumstances surrounding the changes in anti-doping laboratory’s electronic files

As part of the investigation into former Director of the Anti-Doping Center Grigory Rodchenkov for abuse of authority, the Investigative Committee of Russia handed over for further investigation copies of the ADC electronic files and over 5,000 biological samples of athletes to the World Anti-Doping Agency experts in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Sport of Russia, the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory, IT-specialists, and other interested parties directly in the laboratory in January and April 2019.

The investigation conducted a complex computer-technical legal examination of the copies of the submitted electronic files, the results of which allowed drawing a conclusion about their genuineness (authenticity) as well as about the absence of alterations in the original file structure of the Russian sportsmen testing results.

At the same time, it was confirmed that, in 2015-2016, the former management of the Anti-Doping Center had made remote visits to the LIMS electronic database containing information on the results of the doping samples study from IP-addresses registered and located in the U.S. and Germany; the protocol of the visits with the dates, time, and duration of work at LIMS was handed over to WADA representatives in January 2019.

At present, WADA is alleging manipulation of data stored on the servers and instrument computers of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory in 2018-2019 and access to this data by laboratory staff could not have been restricted due to the ongoing operation of the Laboratory.

All the evidence obtained by the investigation shows that Rodchenkov and unidentified persons intentionally made changes in the electronic database to distort the parameters and indicators of Russian athletes’ doping samples.

However, the Investigative Committee has been informed about Rodchenkov’s submission of an alternative copy of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory’s electronic archive to WADA, but the archive’s origin and validity have not been established.

At the same time, our foreign partners, while pledging their willingness to cooperate, are reluctant to allow the Russian investigation to examine the LIMS version of the electronic database presented by Rodchenkov and refusing to let us interrogate him under the criminal case, including through video-conferencing.

The investigation is keen to cooperate closely with foreign competent authorities and international sports organizations, including the exchange of the research findings on the electronic archive of the laboratory to establish the truth of the probe.

Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko