A man sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of a head of criminal investigation department committed in 1998 in Krasnodar Territory

The evidence collected by investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee of Russia were found by court to be sufficient to sentence Alexey Dyakov. He was found guilty of a murder of the head of criminal investigation department of Krasnodar Internal Affairs Directorate and his subordinate, committed in 1998 by hire by an organized criminal gang (Paragraphs A, G, H of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of Russia, edition 92 of 27.06.1998). 

The investigation and the court established that in autumn of 1998 a citizen of one of republics neighbouring Kuban decided to organize a murder of the head of criminal investigation department of Krasnodar Internal Affairs Directorate due to an arisen conflict. In order to commit the offence the organizer created a criminal gang involving two his aсquaintances. The man promised them 50 000 USD for committing of the murder. In November, 1998 one of the members found a performer - Alexey Dyakov skilled in shooting, and offered him to commit the murder for 30 000 USD. Dyakov agreed and invited to the gang his acquaintance Ruslan Shhalakhov and offered him a part of his remuneration.  The gang had a clear hierarchical structure. Its organizer single-handedly developed the plan of the offence and distributed functions among the members. Apart from that he provided the members with information about the potential victim - his lifestyle, residence and regular routes, and was responsible for financing of the murder. According to the distributed functions two close members of the gang were supposed to provide Dyakov and Shhalakhov with housing, transport and firearms necessary to commit the murder. Moreover, they were assigned to perform  reconnaissance of the crime scene with Dyakov and to hide crime traces, firearms and the performer. Around 6 o'clock of December 2, 1998, following the previously developed murder plan, the members of the gang armed with an automatic pistol with a pre-manufactured cartridge case were driving down Dzerzhinskogo Street of Pashkovsky village in Krasnodar in VAZ 2105 car. The perpetrators tracked down a car driven by the head of criminal investigation department and committed a car accident. The alleged victim was accompanied by a criminal intelligence officer. After the car accident the operative officers got out of the vehicle to evaluate the damage. In the meantime Dyakov ran out of the domestic car and fired at least ten shots from the automatic pistol killing the operative officers. After committing of the offence Dyakov and Shhalakhov evaded the crime scene.  

The probe into the 46-year-old perpetrator is to be presented separately, he is on the federal wanted list. Investigation of the probe into the organizer and other perpetrators continues.  

The court sentenced Alexey Dyakov to lifetime imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony. The sentence didn't come into force.  

Ruslan Shhalakhov, who signed an immunity agreement pre-trial, was previously sentenced to 22 years of imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony. 

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