In Nizhny Novgorod Region, sentence imposed over a man found guilty of murder of a minor girl and a woman

Evidence collected by the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia was found by court to be sufficient to impose a sentence over a 34-year-old man for committing offenses under Paragraphs A, C, J of Part 2 of Article 105 (murder of two persons including a minor) and Paragraph B of Part 4 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code of Russia (violent sexual actions).

The investigation and the court established that on September 24, 2020, in the daytime in a house on Derzhavin street in Bor, Nizhny Novgorod Region, during a quarrel with a local resident, the defendant beat her and inflicted multiple blows on her head and body using various items. The 46-year-old woman died of the inflicted injuries.

On the same day, the perpetrator, having met a daughter of his former cohabitant at a bus stop, took the 9-year-old girl to a deserted place, where he committed violent sexual actions against the child and strangled her, and then fled the scene.

On September 25, 2020 the suspect was detained as a result of well-coordinated work of investigators of the Investigative Committee and operative police officers. He fully admitted his guilt in the commission of the incriminated act.

The court ruled to sentence him to life imprisonment in a special regime penal colony.