Congratulations to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia on the Knowledge Day

Dear students and cadets of educational institutions of Investigative Committee of Russia, pupils of cadet classes! Dear staff of cadet corps and academies of Investigative Committee, teachers! I congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge, with the beginning of the new academic year!

The Day of Knowledge for each of us always stays a special warm holiday symbolizing new discoveries, great accomplishments and interesting experiments. For adults, September 1 reminds us of the years of being a student, about school and childhood friends. For young people it is the next step to serious knowledge, and for very young people it is the beginning of the path to comprehending fascinating truths.

This day is extremely exciting for students of cadet corps, classes and academies of the Investigative Committee. And first of all - for children who will for the first time put on a tunic with epaulets. This is a great honor and confidence, as each of them makes a conscious step towards the profession associated with the protection of the Motherland, the rights of citizens.

Supporting and strengthening the desire to learn new things in the younger generation, the Investigative Committee continues to develop the departmental system of education based on continuous improvement of training programs to meet modern trends. Recently our cadet corps in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd were supplemented by another educational institution - a boarding school for female students. And today cadet brotherhood of UK of Russia will be replenished with pupils of Sevastopol cadet corps named after V.I. Istomin. Our academies also became a serious step for the officers on them in the North Caucasus, where we put in children not only knowledge, but also teach them to be sincere, sympathetic people, devoted to their duty.

The future success of each of you largely depends on your attitude to learning - your patience, persistence and readiness to overcome difficulties in the process. So I sincerely wish you all perseverance, determination and inspiration on the path to knowledge. Be inquisitive, respect your mentors, value your friends, gain knowledge about the world around you and your future profession. Let your family and teachers be proud of your achievements, because you are the hope and the future of our great country.

A special word of congratulations to our teachers and educators who for many remain a model of responsiveness and wisdom throughout their lives. Your moderate severity and high demandingness is the basis of students' discipline and the guarantee of their future victories. May the new school year be a time of creativity and fruitful work for you.


The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia
General of Justice of the Russian Federation Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin