The defendant in a criminal case concerning the murder of a minor committed in 1994 in the Komi Republic was extradited to Russia

Semen Gutsan (under the changed personal information - Ivan Popa) accused in a criminal case of robbery and murder of a 15-year-old girl, committed by a group of people by prior conspiracy, out of mercenary motives, was extradited from the Republic of Poland to the Russian Federation.  

According to the investigation, in August 1994, in an apartment on Morozov Street in Syktyvkar, the defendant and his friend, acting as a group, conspired to take possession of property in the apartment, murdered a 15-year-old girl, after which they stole the property of the owners, causing them significant material damage. In connection with the entry into force from 01.01.1997 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the criminal actions of the person involved were classified according to the signs of a crime provided for in paragraphs G, H of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. After the crime, Gutsan and his accomplice fled to another region, and then left the territory of the Russian Federation, where later Gutsan changed his personal data to Ivan Popa.

Thanks to the conducted operative-investigative measures and investigative actions the involvement of Gutsan and his accomplice in the commission of these crimes was established. They were put on the international wanted list and arrested in absentia. The second defendant was subsequently convicted of other crimes in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Later, despite the change in his personal data by Gutsan, his location was established in the Republic of Poland. His extradition was possible due to the complex of evidence presented by the investigators of his involvement in the crimes committed. Through the channels of Interpol, the Polish side received information about the passport presented by Gutsan, photographs, as well as his fingerprint card with fingerprints. According to the results of a fingerprint examination, it was established that the fingerprints found at the crime scene coincide with the fingerprints of Gutsan, presented by the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Poland. Also, an additional portrait research was carried out on the basis of the presented photographs, according to the conclusions of which Semen Gutsan and Ivan Popa are the same person.

After Gutsan is delivered to Moscow, he will be convoyed to the Komi Republic to carry out investigative actions aimed at completing the investigation.