The TV channel "Russia 24" will show a new documentary from the series "Profession of an Investigator"

On the eve of the Day of Education of the Forensic Service, which is celebrated on October 19, the TV channel "Russia 24" will premiere a new documentary from the series "Profession of an Investigator", prepared by the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Patriot National Film Foundation.

The next series is devoted to the painstaking work of investigators and criminologists of the forensic services of the Investigative Committee, their professional and thoughtful approach to the investigation of grave and especially grave crimes. Its result is the trial of criminals and the implementation of the principle of inevitability of punishment for what they have done. The completely different crimes in Moscow, Sarapul, Nadym and Severodvinsk, which are described in the film, became an example of this. In each of these cases, the investigation had a minimum amount of evidence and clues - a piece of newspaper or a reflection of a chandelier in a monitor, the smell of a criminal, or the only witness to the murder was a deaf-blind woman. Despite this, investigators and criminologists got to the bottom of the truth, even years later.

For ways to manage to get on the trail of criminals, unique methods, non-trivial solutions and investigative experiments, see the documentary “Evidence from the Past. To Find the Murderer” on October 16 at 12.05 and 16.05, on October 17 at 4.05 and 19.05 on the TV channel Russia 24