In the Irkutsk Region, a man sentenced for murders and rapes of women

Evidence collected by the Irkutsk Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia was found by court to be sufficient to sentence a 52-year-old Tulun resident. He was found guilty of committing crimes under paragraphs A, J of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of Russia (murder of two persons committed in order to conceal another crime), Part 2 of Article 131 of the Criminal Code of Russia (rape), Part 2 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code of Russia (violent acts of a sexual nature).

The investigation and the court established that from 1992 to January 2019, a man committed a number of rapes and two murders of women in the city of Tulun, Irkutsk region. As part of the investigation of the criminal case, signs of a serial crime were established: the man always acted according to the same scheme - under the threat of a knife, he took women to deserted places, where he committed sexual crimes with them.

In order to solve these crimes, an investigative-operational group was created, which included the most experienced investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia and operational workers of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Irkutsk Region.

In January 2019, a local resident was identified who bore a resemblance to the subjective portrait of the criminal, in connection with which genetic material was obtained from the latter and sent for research. During the examination, the genetic profile of the man matched with the genetic profile of the person who committed the investigated series of crimes.

The suspect was detained and placed into custody upon investigative motion. In the course of the investigation of the criminal case the man was charged with two murders and a number of rapes of women during the specified period of time.

Investigation carried out a bi volume of investigative actions and search activities in terms of the probe. Investigators questioned about 15 thousand witnesses, conducted more than 300 genetic examinations, including complex and commission examinations involving experts of various levels. In addition, investigation of the criminal case included more than 1,000 genetic studies carried out on more than 15,000 samples of the oral epithelium obtained, more than 25 inspections of the places of incidents, 10 exhumations, 5 searches, and more than 100 excavations.

At the end of the investigation of the criminal case, the accused was charged in the final version, having familiarized himself with the scope and essence of the charge, the accused admitted guilt of the crimes incriminated to him in full and gave exhaustive testimony about the crimes he had committed.

The criminal case amounted to 116 volumes.

Today the Irkutsk Regional Court sentenced the man to 24 years of imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony.