New documentaries named "Expertise confirms ..." and "To single out a maniac" will be shown on the "Russia 24" TV Channel

This weekend, the premiere screenings of the documentaries called "Expertise confirms ..." and "To Single out a Maniac" will take place, they are produced by the National Film Fund "Patriot" LLC with the assistance of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

The first movie is dedicated to the work of Investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia in detecting and solving crimes with the help of the most complex examinations.

The murder of an elderly VGIK (Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov) teacher in one of the prestigious districts of Moscow, the disappearance of a child, a series of brutal attacks - sometimes the criminal thinks that it took to consideration every detail and left no traces. Make-up, dressing up, changing the gait are just some of the tricks that attackers use to deceive Law Enforcement. And they succeed, but only at first glance. Expertise comes to the aid of investigators, and it serves as a source of evidence. With its help, the behavioral functions of the criminal are studied. Facial expressions, gestures, movements are invaluable information for experts and investigators.

The way the investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee uncovered a series of murders and exposed a dangerous criminal with the help of complex examinations, what methods are in the arsenal of experts and why forensic science is called the science of common sense, watch all this on November 19 on the Russia 24 TV channel at 17.00 Moscow time.

Another movie of the project is dedicated to the investigation of serial crimes.

Moscow, 2002. In the north of the capital, the bodies of murdered women commenced to be found in forested areas. Who took their lives? Beloved? Casual acquaintance or fellow traveler? These questions confronted the investigators, who quickly realized that this was committed by a dangerous serial killer.

Catching someone who is unremarkable is not an easy task. This is confirmed by the Research Institute of Forensic Science of the Investigative Committee of Russia, where a unique program has been created for such purposes to identify the criminal's identity.

Does every maniac really have his own handwriting, what secrets of the past push them to commit crimes, is it possible to single out a dangerous killer in the crowd and how new technologies help to expose those who cynically took the lives of defenseless people, watch all this on November 20 on the Russia 24 TV channel at 17.00 Moscow time.