In Chuvashia head of Republican Directorate of Federal Taxation Service to appear in court

Chuvash Republic investigating bodies of Russia’s investigative Committee have completed investigating a criminal case against Head of Chuvash Republic Directorate of Federal Taxation Service (hereinafter - Directorate) Arkady Dergachev. He is charged with crimes under part 1 of article 285 (abuse of official powers), part 1 of article 286 (exceeding official powers), part 4 of article 160 (embezzlement on especially large scale), paragraphs “a, b” of part 2 of article 165 (infliction of damage on property by deceit or breach of trust), part 3 of article 327 (use of a knowingly forged document), part 3 of article 290, paragraphs “c” and “b” of part 5 of article 290 of RF Criminal Code (bribe-taking, including on a large scale and with extortion).

According to investigators, in late 2005 and 2006 Dergachev through an intermediary received from CEO of a commercial company in the Republic bribes of 90 thousand and 300 thousand rubles. They were paid to the official for assistance in the signing of agreements between the Directorate and the company on refurbishment of administrative buildings of tax inspectorates in the towns of Novocheboksarsk and Yadrino. In December 2006 the accused through one of his subordinates demanded from the same businessman to pay for furniture worth more than 50 thousand rubles for the base of Republican professional union of tax officials by transferring the funds to a settlement account of a furniture seller, what the contractor was forced to do threatened to be dismissed from refurbishment of buildings of tax inspectorate in the town of Yadrino and with suspension of payment for already done work.

In addition, in 2006-2008 the official concluded five additional agreements for government contacts sighed earlier on construction, major repairs and reconstruction of administrative buildings of territorial divisions of the Directorate in the towns of Shumerla, Vernarskoye, Tsivilskoye and other areas, in accordance with which the cost of the works was increasing while its amount was not. Later, the works were paid for based on these agreements, which led to a total of 13.5 million rubles damage to the federal budget. Thus, the requirement of current laws on necessity to pay for the work at cost of government contract, which is solid and cannot be changed during implementation of the contract, except for the situations provided for by the law. Moreover, damage of about 2.2 million rubles was caused to the contractor who carried out construction of tax inspectorate building in the town of Shumerla. It was also found, that during execution of obligations of this government contract Dergachev demanded form the contractor to construct the object digressing from design documentation, which had passed state expertise. As a result, according to a complex forensic construction and technical expertise, the building of tax inspectorate in the town of Shumerla does not meet building norms and regulations, as well as requirements for safety of life and health of people.

In addition, in 2009 as a result of unlawful interference be Dergachev, the government contract on capital repairs of administrative building of Federal Taxation Service in the town of Cheboksary signed with an organization and cost about 6 million rubles was terminated, and a new one – on the same kind of work was concluded with another organization, in the interests of which Dergachev was acting – the sum of the contract was more than 10 million rubles.

Thus, the total sum of damage amounts to over 20 million rubles.

It should be noted that during the inquest, investigator found that Dergachev had regularly put false information in his income, property and property obligations statements, which he in 2006-2011 annually submitted to the Federal Taxation Service of the Russian Federation. Thus, he hadn’t put there in this period any information that he had had more than 1 million 440 thousand rubles on his bank accounts.

At present, on the request of the investigator, Dergachev has been temporarily suspended from his office. He has been taken into custody. His settlement accounts have been arrested for the sum over 1 million 600 thousand rubles.

The investigator has collected sufficient evidence therefore the criminal case with the approved indictment has been passed on to the court to be tried on the merits.