Intermediary results of check into illegal commercial activity of State Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov

Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee continues check over the message of Bulgaria resident Ivailo Zartov about illegal commercial activity of the Deputy of State Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Gennady Gudkov.

At present during the check investigators have received information (including confirmation from taxation bodies) about illegal participation of Deputy Gudkov in business activity in both Russian commercial organizations and non-residents – English Village registered in Bulgaria and Business Consultants Limited registered in off-shore area of Gibraltar.

Check has confirmed the facts reported by Zartov about Gudkov’s immediate participation in management of the said companies – non-residents, engaged in purchasing and construction of expensive buildings in Bulgaria at the expense of Business Security Consultants Limited, of which his wife is a member.

It is remarkable, that Gudkov participated in business activity in Bulgaria when he was not only Deputy of State Duma of the Russian Federation, but Russian coordinator of inter-governmental relations with Bulgaria.

As for the information, appeared in Izvestia newspaper and reaction on it of Gennady Gudkov, firstly, investigation really has information that on 13 September 2008 Gudkov, being Deputy of State Duma of 5th convocation, jointly with his wife founded OOO Kolomensky Stroitel (LC). And secondly, Gudkov’s claim that he does not head this company is not true. Investigators have documents proving that staying a shareholder, he manages the company, at the meetings of its members (supreme board of the organization) he accepts necessary foundation documents and appoints heads, forms its authorized capital stock and makes other actions in the interests of OOO Kolomensky Stroitel.

In addition, investigation has information about Gudkov’s business activity in OOO Roshan (LC), OOO Managing Company Private Security Firm Oskord-Bezopasnost (LC) and other commercial organizations during his deputy mandate.

Gudkov’s actions contain signs of a crime under article 289 of RF Criminal Code (illegal participation in commercial activity). Investigators will check whether there are components of this crime. Now they are carrying out necessary checks. A procedural decision will be made following the check, and appropriate information will be sent to Prosecutor’s Office and State Duma to be reviewed within their competence.