In Belgorod Region criminal case launched into leaving child in danger

Belgorod Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have initiated a criminal case over a crime under article 125 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (abandoning to danger).

According to preliminary information, in the morning of 22 August 2012 a woman felt bad on the way to work and asked to stop a car she had taken. Having left the car, she gave birth to a baby and left it not far from a ditch in a plastic bag on a bundle of wires. After that the woman returned to the car. The baby was found by an electrician who came to work and reported to law enforcement bodies. Within an hour policemen found a woman who had had the baby. She was a 30-year-old resident of Karachansky district, who has four children. She was working a gardener not far from the place the baby was found. The baby was delivered to Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital. The baby was then taken to a resuscitation department of the regional perinatal center.

At present investigating operations are under way to find out all the circumstances of the incident. Investigation is to be continued.

The investigation is taken under special control by the Central Office of the Russia’s Investigative Committee.