Russian Investigative Committee Chairman holds meeting of Airbus A321 crash investigation headquarters in Egypt

Today Alexander Bastrykin held a joint meeting of the headquarters of representatives of all Russian services and agencies (Investigative Committee, Emergencies Ministry, transport Ministry, forensic medical experts and others) working on investigation into circumstances and causes of the A321 crash.

The meeting discussed cooperation and coordination between the services during their work in Egypt. The Investigative Committee Chairman approved the plan of further joint work.

On the same day Mr. Bastrykin heard reports of the subordinate investigators on the work done and instructed investigators and criminalists to complete operations at the crash scene within next two days. The information gathered will be then analyzed. At the present the data from plane’s black boxes are being analyzed.

The Chairman once more noted the interest Egyptian party is taking in the impartial and all-round investigation into the causes of the crash and all assistance in this to Russian investigators.