Statement of Investigative Committee on investigation into death of Alexander Litvinenko

In July 2014, it became obvious that the investigation into Alexander Litvinenko’s death turned from a criminal case to a purely political one. When on 31 July 2014, it was announced that the coroner’s investigation had been postponed until the so called public investigation was finished, which had never been public as everybody got to know, the judge said that closed hearing would give him an opportunity “to study the issue of Russia’s responsibility as best as possible” using the materials provided by British special services. This way, the guilty one was appointed from the very beginning and all that they had to do is that to make some so-called top-secret “facts” to fit in that theory. The very idea of public investigation using facts restricted from public which can be manipulated in any way possible is absurd.

Even before the hearings started, the judge said that part of his decision would also be classified, because some of the evidence is classified, but he would do his best to make the decision concerning the guilt of the Russian Federation public and would state a maximum number of reasons, why he made this decision. I would like to add that in any criminal action, the guilt is established by the whole set of evidence, but when some evidence counts while other is deliberately let out and when facts only advantageous to one of the parties made available to the public and others are withheld, this is called tampering with evidence to solve the main task to fit the facts with the readymade answer.

In current situation and considering that this pseudo-process has been lacking the nature of trial from the very beginning, we made the only right decision that the Russia’s Investigative Committee would not take part in the politically committed so-called public investigation, where the final decision is made based on some top-secret materials made unavailable to not only to the Russia’s Investigative Committee, but the whole public as well.